Minase Collections

Minase makes elegant watches that fit both for men and for women. Minase offers five original and unique collections : Uruga, Divido, Horizon, Windows and Masterpieces. Both Windows and Horizon are available in a midsize version for thinner wrists.

  • Uruga
  • Divido
  • Horizon
  • Windows
  • Masterpieces


Japanese Made Watches

Minase is proud of its origins and thus crafts traditional wrist watches to show the beautiful arts and techniques of Japan. Every watch is meant to reflect the spirit of Japan, from the dial decoration to the manual finishing of steel components.

International Wrist Watch Brand

There are a few Japanese wrist watch brands known internationally, and Minase might be the youngest. Indeed, Minase watches have been sold for more that 25 years in Japan, but only since 2018 outside of Japan.

Custom Wrist Watch

Minase crafts gold or 316L stainless steel wrist watches. Custom wrist watches can be ordered, this is the Masterpiece collection. A few pieces of the Masterpiece collection are offered on our webshop, but to customize the watch of your dreams, do not hesitate to contact us.