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Minase is a Japanese watch manufacturer based in Akita Prefecture. Producing less than 500 timepieces a year, Minase’s philosophy is to make unique Japanese made watches that pay tribute to the culture and traditions of Japan. Minase watches are fitted with Swiss mechanical movements.

When it was founded in 2005, Minase hired people from the region and trained them following the principle of Monozukuri: learning by doing. The workforce became experts in fine craftsmanship. Every day, they produce highly qualitative watches that embody the values, traditions and typical crafts of Japan. Buy your Japanese watch online on our official webshop.



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Minase belongs to the handful of watch brands employing the Sallaz polishing technique, also known as Zaratsu. This typically handmade Japanese technique of finishing is used to give steel parts a perfectly smooth surface. Sallaz was a Swiss-German polishing machine maker who supplied equipment to Japanese case maker Hayashi Seiki Seizo, which pioneered the technique in Japan. Polishing a single Divido on steel bracelet takes up to 479 processes and more than 15 hours.

Unique Japanese made Watches

Before being called MINASE in honor of the factory’s location, Kyowa’s first timepieces beared the label HiZ, a conjunction of the Japanese words « Hizu » (exceptional) and « Hi Izuru Kuni » (land of the rising sun). HiZ is now rather seen as a label that certifies watches :

  • Have been polished with the rare Sallaz technique
  • Bear Minase’s patented Case in Case structure (inspired from 3D puzzle)
  • Are built following the MORE concept (Minase Original Rebuild Equation)


The case in case construction is unique to Minase watches. It was inspired by Japanese 3D puzzles. There is no dial built in the traditional sense ; The mechanical movement is enclosed between a plate and a top container (which acts as the dial) on which the index ring is fitted. This whole inner box looks like a floating structure screwed at the four corners inside each case.


Minase is not like any other Japanese wristwatch brands. Its philosophy embodies the Japanese principle of “Monozukuri”: manufacturing things by hand. It stands for technological excellence, know-how and spirit of Japan’s manufacturing practices.

Monozukuri is a philosophy: Minase Japanese watchmakers show a sincere attitude towards production, pride and dedication at the work. It is the continuous research for innovation, improvement and perfection for Japanese handmade watches.


“Minase Original Rebuild Equation” patented structure was developed in order to be able to make watches that can be treasured for more than 100 years. This special design allows Minase watchmakers to assemble and disassemble exterior parts of the watch, such as the case and bracelet, as many times as they need to refit or repair the watch.

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