Japanese Masterpieces

To make 100% Japanese masterpieces, Minase partners with Japanese artists known for their own specialty. They craft each watch by hand, with a passion for detail and respect of traditional Japanese watchmaking techniques.

The result is unique and authentic masterpieces, not only beautiful, but extremely reliable. Masterpiece watches feature intricate details, such as hand-engraved or hand-painted patterns and unique designs.

  • Gold watches
  • Urushi makie
  • Silver filigree
  • Enamel Champlevé
  • Diamond watches
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Discover the MasterpieceS

Customized Wrist Watch

Every Masterpiece watch is based upon the 7 Windows model. The 7 sapphire crystals offer the best view upon the dial, combining technical prowess and beautiful artwork.

Métiers d’art Watches

Minase partners with several skilled artisans from Japan to create Métiers d’art watches that embody the very essence of Japanese culture. These watches are available in steel, rose or yellow gold, and feature special techniques such as enamel champlevé, urushi makie or rare techniques like silver filigree.

Each timepiece embodies aspects of Japanese culture and every watch is a unique work of art, made with passion.

Engraved Wrist Watch

Minase Masterpiece watches are engraved by Kenji Kanagawa. Master in his craft, he engraves cases and dials with the utmost attention to detail. He works on intricate designs that represent various aspects of Japanese culture or upon the customer’s wishes.

Minase offers customization options, allowing customers to create their own unique piece that reflects their personal style and taste. Minase’s goal is to create timepieces that showcase the beauty and craftsmanship of Japan while also embodying the spirit of the people who created them. Therefore, every watch is a unique piece of art linking the artist and the customer.

Add your Touch !

Every watch can be personalized with the text of your choice engraved on the movement holder. This option enables you to combine your appreciation for an artisans’ craftsmanship while also linking the piece to your life.



Some Masterpieces are available faster if you do not ask for any personalization. Order your favorite on our webshop.

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