Round Face Watch

The design of Minase round watches is unique. It embodies traditional Japanese craftsmanship and know-how. Indeed, the watch may be round, but it is made of a multitude of sharp angles thanks to the sallaz polishing machine. Every single part of the watch, and of the steel bracelet, is finished with this polishing technique.

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Complex Case Construction

This sophisticated design of Divido is a technical prowess few watch brands are capable of. Indeed, each case features a complex eight-pieces construction. The case body is made by two elements: the upper case and the lower case. Those two parts are secured by four screwed lugs, each composed of an upper and a lower part.

Dial Finishing

Each round dial is covered by a thin hammered copper plate covered by a distinctive hand-painted Japanese lacquerware technique. Dials are also available in Urushi.

A Special Round Dial

The round face watch Divido has a unique look that stands out from other round dial watches we know. Unsurprisingly in fact, as the dial isn’t actually a dial as we are used to. It is a cover that goes onto the movement.

Then an index ring comes above it and the whole construction is fixed together with four screws on the sides. This construction enable Minase to play a game of light and shadows. Around the dial, the space seems to be closed while it is in fact open.