Square Face Watch

The design of Minase square face watches is unique. It embodies traditional Japanese craftsmanship and know-how. The watches offer so many details to take in it is almost difficult to take one’s eyes of them. Every single steel part is polished with the sallaz polishing machine.

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Horizon and Windows both feature striking designs blending both classic and modern elements.

The square shape gives the watches a unique look and feel, while their 100% handmade construction ensures the highest quality of every product. Explore the possibilities and discover the perfect watch for you.

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Complex Case Construction

On the Windows collection, the complex case construction is further enhanced by seven sapphire windows for an elegant and unique finish. The windows also permit to better see the work done on the dials as well as the movement.

Every watch is powered by a very reliable automatic movement. The ebauches are customized for Minase in Switzerland and the final work can be admired through the windows of the watch.

Square Dial Watch

If you look closely, Minase rectangle shape wrist watches do not have square dials. The case is rectangular, but the dials (and even the movement) remain round. This game of the forms is something typically Japanese.

Indeed, geometry in Japan is rather used as a mean to convey beauty, as opposed as just a mathematical concept like in western civilizations. It is often used in architecture and Minase decided to use it to design its watches.

Rectangular Wrist Watch

One of the signature features of Minase is the combination of round and rectangular shapes, resulting in a unique aesthetic. In buddhism, the circle symbolises strength, the circle of life, connection, letting go of expectations and the beauty in imperfection.

On the other side, the square represents structure, balance, logic, law and order. The square is also associated with the number 4, and relates to the four elements of the physical world: earth, air, water, and fire. So Mianse combining its square wrist watches with round dial was no coincidence, but rather a way to convey philosophy.